Experts in labor counseling

Services to clients

  • Payroll management, contracts and Social Security
  • Legal advice on labor issues
  • Study of contractual matters
  • Management of layoffs
  • Negotiation of collective and company agreements, modifications of working conditions, geographic and functional mobility
  • Inspections, resources and administrative claims in the labor field
  • Displaced workers, work permits and administrative formalities in the recruitment of employees, both nationally and internationally
  • Carrying out audits of legal-labor aspects and dealing with possible contingencies
  • Retirement, widowhood, contributory and non-contributory benefits
  • Management of occupational accidents
  • Workforce restructuring, labor force adjustment plan (ERE)
  • Labor procedural practice: conciliations, judicial procedures
  • Immigration file Management

Services to professionals and professional offices

  • We offer an outsourcing service in the area of labor counseling and management
  • We serve your clients with total fidelity and independence
  • We manage with those parameters and procedures that the professional or office requests
  • We adapt to the service needs that you solicit
  • Personalized collaboration proposals

We adapt to your needs, shall we talk?